Tiers of Joy - This Calls for Cake!


We specialize in one of a kind designs.  Every client deserves to have a cake that displays their unique preferences.  There are several elements to consider when pricing a cake such as; the number of servings, complexity of the design, and specialty ingredients. Once the size and design are established, a written quote is provided within 48 hours for your consideration.

Consultations for most cakes can easily be accomplished through phone calls and emails, however, in-person design consultation appointments are scheduled for wedding cakes. 

When planning your event it is best to allow several weeks for a novelty cake and several months for a wedding cake. We are a boutique design studio, therefore, we limit the number of cakes per week

Other Dessert Items:

Chocolate Chip Cookies                                      $10.00/doz
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies             $12.00/doz
Peanutbutter Fudge Cookies                               $12.00/doz
Pecan Puffs (frosted butter confection)               $ 8.00/doz
Whoopie Pies                                                     $18.00/doz
Traditional size cupcakes (min. decoration)         $20.00/doz
Jumbo cupcakes (min. decoration)                     $36.00/doz

Please call Nancy with any questions at 413-547-6481 or send an email to nancy@tiersofjoy.vpweb.com

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